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Bleikeplassen Tarjei Vesaas


Tarjei Vesaas

Published 1946
168 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A tragedy of suffocating failures of interpersonal understanding and communication. As a nearly-forgotten Vesaas, it deserves a deeper discussion, certainly, and his usual empathetic understanding of his characrers and humanity in general is in full effect, but this was also published elsewhere as a play and it shows in the form: mostly dialogue with much less of Vesaas intensely clear and expressive description. When he does indulge in scenery and characters fading into such, it glimmers, though. And some nice ambiguous images in the titular bleached-out laundry lines as well.Later: docked a star because its okayl but honestly I wouldnt really be very interested if it werent Vesaas. The characters arent so compelling, and the tragedy is of a forced sort that is meant to seem inevitable, but for me it comes off as manpilulated melodrama.