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Dark Obsessions Tessa Hughes

Dark Obsessions

Tessa Hughes

Kindle Edition
142 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

“I want you, Mina. The deepest core, the truth of you.”This 5 book bundle contains His Dark Desires, His Dark Passion, In His Debt, In His Bed, and In His Care by Tessa Hughes.His Dark DesiresMina was desperate- yesterday, she had realized even with the next paycheck, she wasn’t going to make rent. So she had called William and asked him to meet with her. William was a well-off friend – okay, a billionaire friend – who had asked her out before. But Mina was always too busy or didn’t think of him that way. True, he was handsome, but there was always something about him, like he was holding back. She didn’t know what it was, but every time he had asked, she had said no.After a pleasant dinner, William bluntly asked what she was after. Caught off guard, Mina tactlessly blurted it out.“I’ll sleep with you if you help me.”Her offer rejected, an embarrassed Mina stood and made to leave. Then, her old friend makes a counter-offer that freezes her in her tracks.“What I want isn’t only friendship or only sex. I want you, Mina. The deepest core, the truth of you. I want you to need me in your soul. And I won’t take you unless you do.”Taken to his mansion and left to play Mistress of the house as William works his seduction, Mina finds herself growing tantalizingly aware of the desires stirring deep within. Now, torn between the friend she has known for years and the hunger he has awakened in her, Mina is only just beginning to understand what she had agreed to…His Dark PassionIn desperation, Mina had turned to an old friend for help and hed made her an offer that would change her life forever.If she could give herself to him, completely, in every way, with no restraint, then he would provide for her everything that she could possibly need. It went beyond the merely carnal- William wanted more from her than just sex. In fact, he refused to even touch her until Mina truly needed him, mind, body, and soul.Now, Mina acts as Mistress to the mansion and its beautiful servants. Each new experience stirring dark desires within her, as she struggles to come to grips with who she truly is, and what she truly wants.In His DebtTanya and her husband Shawn have spent years working towards their dream of launching their own company, but finding a lender willing to assist a black couple in a run down city is proving to be a challenge. Thats where Alexander Dorren comes in- Shawn had met with the handsome young billionaire the week before and said he was a sure thing. Now its time for Tanya to seal the deal.Dressed to impress, her curvy young body tightly squeezed into a slim dress, Tanya sat down to meet with the man who could make her dreams a reality. Commanding and intense, Alexander was not at all what she was expecting. Most men were easy- show a little cleavage and turn on the charm and theyd give you anything. This man was different. He turned her subtle flirting right back at her, quickly gaining the upper hand. With each exchange, Tanya found herself more and more attracted to him. He was intelligent, witty, knew exactly what he wanted and wasnt afraid to come right out and say it.And thats exactly what he did. His offer was simple: whatever she and her husband needed, he would provide. In return, she would obey his every command. Her mind a mess of fear and desire, Tanya struggles to come to grips with what she really wants.