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Mayhem at the Manor P.A. Fenning

Mayhem at the Manor

P.A. Fenning

Published February 8th 2010
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

A lighthearted true story which takes the reader back to 1963, recording daily life for the Brown family. A year with one of the coldest winters on record which was mostly endured without the luxury of central heating. Sir Alec Douglas-Home was Prime Minister and President John F. kennedy was assassinated.The Mod scene is burgeoning but for teenager Amy Brown and her friends, with no money to spend on the latest fashions, its a case of improvise and make the clothes yourself. Beatlemania is taking hold as the Beatles reach the giddy heights with their music. Beatle haircuts and Beatle jackets are a must for any self-respecting teenage Mod boy.Read about the confrontations Amy Brown endures with her vindictive headmistress and eccentric teachers at a school situated in the middle of a heath and split beween a beautiful old Manor house, reputed to be haunted, an imposing Grange and a large new building in the grounds.Amusing predicaments abound as Amy lurches from one disaster to the next aided and abetted by her school friends during a year when elopement and even murder are lurking around the corner.